Information about hot water spring at Le 7Camicie
The hot water flows at a temperature of 60°C from a well 100m deep, located in the forecourt of 7Camicie.
Bacteriological analysis has defined the water bacteriologically pure. Chemical analysis showed also, that
the water is rich in minerals, containing bicarbonate, sulfate, calcium, magnesium moderately acid. The
determination of dissolved Radon 222 concluded that concentrations of Radon222 are low.
The overall characteristics of this water makes it very similar to those found in spas in the area for which
scientific studies claim evident benefits for therapy in minor and relevant diseases in the area of
rheumatologic, orthopedic, trauma, vascular and dermatological.
The use that is made of this hot natural spring:
-Filling and keeping warm a small swimming pool for guests in all seasons and at all hours.
-Central Heating and sanitary hot water heating for all the flats at our place, through a system of heat
Our place can thus claim to have an almost zero carbon emission, and to be environmentally friendly!!